Join us with our advocacy

Bank Partner

  • Combine Promos and Discounts
  • Teamwork for Sales and Marketing effort
  • Lead generation for home loans
  • Lead generation for other cross selling products
  • Free ads online and social media marketing
  • Marketing and Sales Activities support
  • Home Loan Page and online Tools

Merchant Partner

  • Joint marketing and referral effort
  • Support marketing promos
  • Sales Support and events
  • Free online ads and social media marketing

Corporate Partner

  • Support housing benefits for employees
  • Joint effort for marketing promos
  • Joint effort for recruitment activities
  • Free ads online and social media marketing

NGO and Government Partner

  • Joint effort for beneficial campaign and activities
  • Support Charity events
  • Free Ads online and social media and public relation campaign

OFW and Migrant Partner (overseas)

  • Technical and Sales Support
  • Referral Marketing Support
  • Income Generation while working abroad
  • Online and social media marketing support

Local Individual Partner

  • Sizeable income generation
  • Sales Marketing Support
  • Free Training and Seminars
  • Incentives, and performance recognition
  • Gadgets and travel incentives
  • Online and social media marketing support

Be our partner and enjoy unlimited opportunities

Referral fees can supplement your income by millions of pesos every year, without taking time away from your full-time career.  No need to get licensed from PRC, all you have to do is submit us your potential referral contacts, then we will work it for you a  fastest as possible. When you join us you can earn commissions on a referral basis. For new agents, the experience and knowledge you gain can be the stepping-stone for a full-time real estate career in the future.

Continuing Education:

Start your part-time career with us, Bancrea provide continuous education and free training, back up to our Partner Developer In-house Training Center. Learned become expert in Selling real estate both off-line and online strategies.

Easy to Join:

The transfer is simple and can be completed via email, mail, and phone or in person if you prefer. If you are limited on time, we can complete your activation and transfer by phone, mail, email, and fax. We are happy to help and make it as easy and seamless as possible for you. Referral Managers to answer your real estate questions. More leads successfully converted.  Our screening process of agents we refer leads to increases our referral associates odds on completing a successful referral.  A highly professional organization, which encourages, and supports, your efforts, handles your outgoing referrals and promptly processes your commission checks.  An informative newsletter, providing you with updates on the market, Real Estate related news, and idea on how to acquire referrals.

More commission more money.

A liberal commission program gives you greater motivation to look for leads. To the best our knowledge, we’re the highest paying referral company in the country, up to 100%. Earn More Money by referring other licensees to join Bancrea Referral Service. Every time a referred/recruited licensee joins or has a settlement you get paid a bonus! Our way of thanking you!

We are happy to help you.

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