DECA Clark Resort & Residences is a 55-hectare residential property development providing affordable houses with the largest market coverage, the lowest equity and monthly amortization, and easy move-in policy with no hidden cost. The buyers can choose from a two-story rowhouse type unit (42 square meters) ranging from P575,000 to P610,000.00 and two-story townhouse- (51 sq m) type unit at an average price of P900,000, to a bigger lot (100 sq m) two-bedroom, single-attached/bungalow priced at P1.25 million.

Model Unit Photos

Site Development Plan

Typical Floor Plan

Unit Layout

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List of Requirements

  • 8 Pcs 1×1 I.D. Picture
  • Two Valid Government Issued ID’s
    Driver’s License, Postal ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, TIN ID, PRC ID, Police Clearance, Senior Citizen’s ID, PhilHealth, Consular ID, Passport, Company ID, School ID, OFW ID, POEA ID, Unified Multi-Purpose ID.
  • Proof of Income
    3 Months Latest Pay slip, COE w/ Compensation, Bank Statement, Remittance, ITR, Job Contract Abroad, Business Permit, Audited Financial Statements.
  • Proof of Billing
    Electric Bills or Water Bills
  • Marriage Certificate (Married) / NSO Birth Certificate (Single)
  • 40 Post Dated Checks (PDC)
    We can assist you in opening a Checking account. Let us know.